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Fever Nut Powder / Kalarchikai Powder / Gachakaya / Kantkarej / Gajjiga / Kazhanji / Putikaranja

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Fever Nut Powder / Kalarchikai Powder / Gachakaya / Kantkarej

Fever Nut Powder / Kalarchikai Powder / Gachakaya / Kantkarej / Gajjiga / Kazhanji / Putikaranja

Known As

Hindi  - Kantakareja, Kantkarej, Gajga, Katkaranj, Naktamala  Tamil  - Kalarchikai Powder, Kazhar Shikkay  Telugu -  Gachakaya, Gacha Kaya, Thellagachha, Gatsakai  Kannada - Gajjiga, Gajjuga, Gajaga-Kayi, Gajikekayi, Gajjege, Heggajjiga, Sanna Gajjuga  Malayalam  - Kazhanji, Kalanchik Karu, Kazhanchik Karu  

Sanskrit -  Putikaranja, Kantaki Karanj, Kuberaksha, Latakaranja, Putikaranja  Common English Names  - Bonduc Nut Powder, Fever Nut Powder  Botanical Name  - Caesalpinia Bonducella  



This package has 100% pure and organic Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.




About Fever Nut (Kalarchikai):

Guilandina bonduc, commonly known as grey nicker, nicker bean, or knicker nut, is a species of flowering plant in the senna tribe, Caesalpinieae,that has a pantropical distribution.It is a liana that reaches a length of 6 m (20 ft) and scrambles over other vegetation. Stems are covered in curved spines.Its 2 cm (0.79 in) grey seeds, known as nickernuts,are buoyant and durable enough to be dispersed by ocean currents.

Fever nut is the seed from the Caesalpinia bonduc plant, a vining shrub native to India. The seeds of the Caesalpinia bonduc are used in herbal medicine, including the fever nut extract. The plant produces seed pods, which contain 1-2 fever nut seeds per pod. Fever nut and the seed extract are used primarily for alleviating infection symptoms such as high fever and sweating. Traditionally, fever nut has treated malaria and intestinal worms and parasites. The fever nut’s seed extract has been studied for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving health benefits. For this reason, fever nut is considered a good remedy for arthritis and various other muscles and joint pains.

Fever nut is a large, thorny, straggling, shrub which behaves like a strong woody climber, taking support of trees. The branches are armed with hooks and straight hard yellow prickles. Leaves are large, double compound, with 7 pairs of pinnae, and each with 3-8 pairs of leaflets with 1-2 small recurved prickles between them on the underside. Flowers are yellow, in dense long-stalked racemes at the top. Fruits are inflated pods, covered with wiry prickles. Seeds are 1-2 per pod, oblong or globular, hard, grey with a smooth shiny surface. The hard and shiny seeds are green, turning grey.They are used for jewellery.


Amazing Health Benefits & Traditional Uses of Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder:


  • For Pregnancy and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS):

  Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder has been used for getting pregnancy and cure Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) problem.


  • For Menstrual Problems:

  Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder has been to overcome all kinds of menstrual problems like irregular menstrual cycles, heavy or low blood flow, abdominal pain and vomiting etc


  • Cure Fever:

        Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder has been used for reducing fever and pain by many tribal people for a long time . Consuming kalarchikai when we are having fever reduces both fever and body pain that is usually common during fevers. It also helps reduce inflammation effectively too. Here in our place, kalarchikai is used extensively for treating malaria. Fever Nut Powder (Kalarchikai Powder) is used to treat fever, intestinal worms, tumours, amenorrhoea, cough and for removing the placenta after childbirth.


  • Cure Asthma:

Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder has anti asthma properties, it has been used for it from ancient times. Kalarchikai inhibits parameters that leads to asthma. 


  • Cure Diabetics:

Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder has wonderful anti diabetic properties, traditionally many tribal people use the seed powder for reducing high blood sugar levels . Kalarchikai blocks glucose absorption thus reducing high blood sugar spikes.Fever Nut Powder (Kalarchikai Powder) is fruitful in controlling Diabetes.It stops the expansion of Tumors.


  • Cure Cancer:

Uses of Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder is the anti tumour properties. In a study done on rats with carcinoma, there was significant reduction in tumour size, tumour cell volume and tumour cell count when given Kalarchikai extract. 


  • Anti Bacterial Properties:

Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder is widely used for treating many types of skin diseases including boils and wounds. This is due to it’s wonderful anti bacterial properties. Kalarchikai decoction made by mixing kalarchikai powder in water can be used as a gargle for treating gum diseases including gum inflammation and boils.


  • Prostate Enlargement:

Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder may used for Prostate enlargement.


  • Liver Problems:

Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder is a good natural treatment for Liver Issues.


  • Spleen Problem:

Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder retains a examine on the Spleen issues.


  • For Skin Problem:

Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder is used to alleviate irritation, pores and skin illnesses, hydrocele, colic, and leprosy.


  • For Piles Problem:

Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder is beneficial for eliminating Piles, Wounds, leucorrhoea and Urinary issues.


  • Smallpox:

Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder is advantageous in combating Smallpox. Fever Nut Powder (Kalarchikai Powder) is juice is environment friendly in easing Elephantiasis


How to use Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder :


For Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Mix 1/4 teaspoon Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder with honey and make small balls. Take one ball each per day.



Take 5 Grams of  Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder with a cup of lukewarm Milk. Have it twice a day.



 Take of 100 Grams Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder with similar amount of Sugar. Have it twice a day.


For Periods Pain & Irregular Periods

Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder is wonderful for reducing periods pain and also in regularising irregular periods. For both these problems make the powder with pepper like said before. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of the powder with water and consume.


For Skin Problems

Take little bit of the Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder , mix with water and apply on the affected area. The inflammation will reduce very very quickly.


For General use:

5 Grams of Fever Nut (Kalarchikai) Powder can be mixed with hot water and drink twice a day. 



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