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Ashta Choornam Powder

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Weight#: 25 grams
Ashta Choornam Powder

Ashta Choornam Powder

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Ashta Choornam Powder is a combination of 8 different herbs in the powder form,Ingredients of Ashta Choornam (Pippali, Maricha ,Shunti, Ajamoda, Sainhava, Sweta jeeraka, Krishna jeeraka, Shuddha Hingu (Processed with Ghee). Ashta choornam Powder is famous for its carminative & digestive property. Ashta Choornam Powder is famous for its magnificent properties in resolving disorders of digestive system. Indigestion, heart burn, flatulence, constipation, etc are cured with regular use of Ashta Choornam Powder . Ashta Choornam Powder is prescribed irrespective of age for treating anorexia and indigestion. This medicine yields good results in children gastric problems. Rather than being used as a medicine, Ashta Choornam Powder is advised for regular use by children. Ashta Choornam Powder also cures abdominal worm infestations.


This package has 100% pure and organic Ashta Choornam Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.



Amazing Health Benefits of Ashta Choornam Powder :

  •  Ashta Choornam Powder loss of Appetite
  • Ashta Choornam Powder  abdominal distress, acidity, All kinds of gas troubles, loss of appetite and indigestion
  • Ashta Choornam Powder  abdominal heaviness after eating
  • Ashta Choornam Powder feeling of abdominal lump mainly due to excess gas
  • Ashta Choornam Powder  improves digestion power.
  • Ashta Choornam Powder  treats anorexia.
  • Ashta Choornam Powder  effective for joint pains.
  • Ashta Choornam Powder  cures stomach ache


How to use Ashta Choornam Powder:


For General Use:

1 -  3 Grams of Ashta Choornam Powder  two times daily administered along with ghee in first morsel of food.



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