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Oak Gall Powder / Masikai Powder / Machikaya / Machi Kaayi / Majuphal / Majakaanee / Ambastha

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Oak Gall Powder / Masikai Powder / Machikaya / Machi Kaayi

Oak Gall Powder / Masikai Powder / Machikaya / Machi Kaayi / Majuphal / Majakaanee / Ambastha

Known As

Hindi  -   Majuphal,  Mazu Tamil  -  Masikai Powder , Manjakani Powder   Telugu  -  Machikaya  Kannada - Machi Kaayi  Malayalam  -     Majakaanee, Mashikkay   Sanskrit - Ambastha Common English Names  -  Oak Gall Powder, Oak Apple Powder   Botanical Name  -  Quercus Incana Roxb, Quercus infectoria


Organic -



This package has 100% pure and organic Oak Gall / Masikai Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.





About Oak Gall / Masikai :

Oak apple or Oak Gall / Masikai is the common name for a large, round, vaguely apple-like gall commonly found on many species of oak. Oak Gall (Masikai) range in size from 2 to 4 centimetres (1 to 2 in) in diameter and are caused by chemicals injected by the larva of certain kinds of gall wasp in the family Cynipidae. The adult female wasp lays single eggs in developing leaf buds. The wasp larvae feed on the gall tissue resulting from their secretions, which modify the oak bud into the gall, a structure that protects the developing larvae until they undergo metamorphosis into adults. Considerable confusion exists in the general "literature" between the oOak Gall (Masikai) and the oak marble gall. The oak marble is frequently called the oak apple due to the superficial resemblance and the preponderance of the oak marble gall in the wild. Other galls found on oak trees include the oak artichoke gall and the acorn cup gall, but each of these has its own distinctive form. Some common Oak Gall (Masikai)-forming species are the Biorhiza pallida gall wasp in Europe, Amphibolips confluenta in eastern North America,and Atrusca bella in western North America. Oak Gall (Masikai)come in many sizes, shapes and colors but are all products of the oak trees' reaction to the larvae of certain wasps known as gall wasps. These larvae cause the oak tree to manufacture cells and substances that produce the gall and in turn the wasp larvae use the gall as both food and shelter. The galls usually do not harm the oak; however, the gall formation is a defensive measure by the oak tree and therefore contains strong natural astringent compounds such as tannic acid. 

Oak Gall / Masikai may be brownish, yellowish, greenish, pinkish, or reddish. Oak Gall / Masikai have been used in the production of ink since at least the time of the Roman Empire. From the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century, iron gall ink was the main medium used for writing in the Western world. Gall nuts are a source of tannin in the production of iron gall ink. Tannins belong to a group of molecules known as polyphenols and can be taken from different parts of plants such as leaves, pods, fruits, and gall nuts. Along with gall nuts, other important ingredients in the production of iron gall ink include iron sulfate and gum arabic. The reaction between the tannins from the gall nut and the iron produces a complex that gives the iron gall its color. The gum arabic makes the ink more viscous and helps bind the ink to the writing surface. Oak Gall (Masikai) are easy to identify and are found worldwide in many different varieties. Collecting Oak Gall (Masikai) neither harms the oak tree nor hurts the gall wasp larvae once they have hatched. There are many possible uses for Oak Gall (Masikai) as an easily accessible source of tannic acid while out in the wild, and the possibilities for using oOak Gall (Masikai) in creative ways have yet to be exhausted


Amazing Health Benefits of Oak Gall / Masikai Powder :


  •  Cure Mouth Ulcer:

The antiseptic property of Oak Gall / Masikai Powder makes it a potent bactericidal, especially the oral route. In order to make a well-tested Oak Gall Powder (Masikai Powder) mouthwash, boil water with Oak Gall Powder (Masikai Powder) balls for an hour and use it for treating cavities and bad odor.


  • Keep the Women Sex Organs Healthy:

The astringent, antiseptic and antifungal property of Oak Gall / Masikai Powder extract is undoubtedly beneficial for the intimate female organs. Common female sexual issues are discharged of fluid, loose vagina and fungal infections, a single manjakani herb can treat all of these conditions with its powerful contents.


  • Vaginal Tightening:

The reason Oak Gall / Masikai Powder extract is beneficial for vaginal tightness is that of the Tannins. Tannins are the substance which has tightening effects on the membrane or vaginal walls, this effect is commonly known as an astringent effect which brings a youthful appearance on the skin. This effect is of Oak Gall / Masikai Powder leaves has been tested and studied after which it was published in the Journal of Pharmacology. Furthermore, there is a list of compound present in Oak Gall / Masikai Powder which aids the body in different ways.


  • Vaginal Dryness:

The extract on Oak Gall / Masikai Powder upon topical administration to the skin improves blood supply to the female genitals. Vaginal dryness is closely associated with lack of blood supply which can be overcome once the blood supply is loose. According to many sex experts, it also overcomes the issue of leucorrhoea and extra fluid discharge which disrupts the elasticity of the vaginal walls. Increased vaginal lubrication leads to an intense sexual experience which every woman wants these days. Oak Gall (Masikai) Powder will cure smell vaginal discharge. Oak Gall (Masikai) Powder can be used orally, in the form of tincture or herbal pill to be placed inside the vagina. Oak Gall (Masikai) Powder reshapes vaginal walls.


  • Decrease Chances of Breast and Cervical Cancer:

The antioxidants present in Oak Gall / Masikai Powder help you suppress tumor cells and decrease the rate of their growth.


  • For Oily Skin:

Oak Gall / Masikai Powder is an exocrine gland, which emits wax and oil from the skin. Excessive stimulation of Oak Gall / Masikai Powder can excrete too much oily content which is bad for the skin. The astringent effect of Oak Gall / Masikai Powder blocks the open pores and reduces oily skin.


  • Blackens the Hair:

Oak Gall / Masikai Powder can be added in hair dye which gives the hair jet black and shiny appearance. The health of the hair is also improved by getting thick and strong.


  • For babies:

Oak Gall / Masikai Powder is also used for treating babies. Weekly once, we use it rub oak gall in a the sandalwood stone along with haritaki, nutmeg and vasambu which is burnt to get a paste and feed it to the babies. Oak Gall / Masikai Powder helps to relieve gas in babies and also helps to remove milk residue on tongues.


  • Feminine Problems:

Oak Gall / Masikai Powderis an excellent god gift for variety of feminine issues including loose vaginal muscles notably after childbirth, chapped nipples, leucorrhoea , prolapsed uterus, menorrhagia (excessive bleeding during period), postpartum infection, bone pain after delivery and PMS symptoms like cramps, blood clots and total absence of period. Oak Gall / Masikai Powder clean the uterus  after childbirth and Menses.


  • Cure Ahtma and Diabetes:

Oak Gall / Masikai Powder is loaded with expectorant properties and therefore is can be used to treat asthma effectively. Gallic acid present in majuphal is effective in curing diabetes. Prepare manjakani tea and have it to relieve asthma and diabetes the natural way.


  • Piles and Prolapsed Rectum:

Decoction of Oak Gall / Masikai Powder is used to treat pile or hemorrhoids, anal fissures and prolapsed rectum. Wash the area with this decoction or include this decoction in sitz’s bath to get some relief. Oak gall powder is also used to prepare an ointment for these painful problems.


How to use Oak Gall / Masikai Powder :


Leucorrhea & Vaginitis:

The astringent action of Oak Gall / Masikai Powder reduces inflammation and inhibits the growth of microbes, which helps reducing discharge due to vaginitis or leucorrhea. Internally, 1-gram Manjakani powder with 500 mg Godanti Bhasma is considered best treatment for leucorrhea.


Rectal Prolapse in Children after Severe Diarrhea:

Oak Gall / Masikai Powder decoction should be used to wash the lower section of the large intestine. A cotton cloth should be dipped in the Majuphal decoction and kept on the affected part. Oak Gall / Masikai Powder can also be applied on the affected part.


For Mouth Wash:

To make the mouth wash, Powder the manjakani in a mortar and pestle. Take around a tsp of the powdered Oak Gall / Masikai Powder and boil it along with little water.


For General use:

5 Grams of Oak Gall / Masikai Powder can be mixed with hot water and drink it twice a day. 


Side Effects & Precautions of Oak Gall /Masikai Powder :

 You should begin using it at small dosage then you can increase it accordingly.

  • Don’t use it during pregnancy as it might cause miscarriage.



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