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Banana Stem Powder / Vazhaithandu Powder / Dindu / Kele Ka Tana / Unnipindi

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Banana Stem Powder / Vazhaithandu Powder / Dindu / Kele Ka Tana

Banana Stem Powder / Vazhaithandu Powder / Dindu / Kele Ka Tana / Unnipindi


Banana Stem Powder is known as known as

Hindi  - Kele Ka Tana  Tamil  - Vazhaithandu Powder   Telugu - Dindu, Dindu Curry, Arati Doota  Kannada -  Baale Dindu, Baledindina  Malayalam  - Vazhapindi, Unni Thandu Common English Names  - Banana Stem Powder  Botanical Name  -  Musa Acuminata



This package has 100% pure and organic Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.






About Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu):

The banana tree is one of those few species where each part is used in some way or the other, be it the leaves which are used for eating food, the fruit which is eaten in the raw or ripe form, or the flower or stem which is also consumed. Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) can be cooked or consumed raw in juice form. The stem is cooked in various ways in South Indian cuisine and in some parts of West Bengal. Thor chapper, a dish made of Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu)  and lentil, is consumed in West Bengal. Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu)  is a rich source of fibre and helps in weight loss. Its high fibre content creates a feeling of satiation and hence, reduces the intake of food. It also helps ease constipation. Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) is rich in potassium and vitamin B6 just like the fruit. Vitamin B6 helps in production of haemoglobin and insulin. Again, it improves the ability of the body to fight infection. Potassium helps in the proper functioning of muscles, including the cardiac muscles. It also helps prevent high blood pressure, and maintain fluid balance within the body. Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) is said to be a diuretic and helps detoxify the body. It is used prevent and treat kidney stones. Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) is beneficial to health, according to Ayurveda. It will be a little astringent and bitter to taste. The juice also relieves ulcers, burning sensation and acidity. Its astringent quality helps in blood coagulation. Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) is believed to have a cooling effect on the body and hence, is recommended in tropical climates.

Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) are typically harvested for cooking when they are about 3 - 4 months old. Preparation is a time consuming process. You need to peel off the harder exteriors to get to the edible portion that is typically a creamy white with crisp textures and a mild flavour. A simple method to make this is to soak the banana stem for an hour after chopping into smaller pieces. You can blend this in a mixer and strain out the fibres before adding lime or any other mild flavouring agent and serving it. In many South Indian homes it's not uncommon to combine buttermilk with the same blend after you strain out the fibres. In Southern Thailand it's common to add finely chopped Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu)  into a sweet and sour vegetable soup or a curry. My preferred Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) recipe is a pachadi (or a raita) that is a popular recipe across South India. It's simple (other than the prep for the Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) ) and makes a great accompaniment to rice with sambar or rasam especially on a hot summer's day. Having a banana every day comes with an astonishing number of health benefits. Moreover, it is good for your skin and hair too. The leaves, flowers, and even the stem of banana are known to be good for us in some way or the other. Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu)or the flower stalk is high in fibre content. It cleanses our digestive system, which in turn keeps many diseases at bay. The fibrous inner core of the stalk is eaten after peeling off the outer layer of the stem.


Amazing Health Benefits of Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder :


  • Regulates Blood Pressure:

For people who suffer from high blood pressure, drinking the powder made from the inner core of a tender Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder can work wonders. It can help in reducing and regulating blood pressure.Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder is enriched with potassium as well, and is effective to treat cholesterol and high blood pressure.


  • Cures Anemia:

Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder is rich in iron and vitamin B6, which are responsible for increasing the hemoglobin content in blood. This property makes Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder a crucial part of the diet for anemic persons.


  • Cleanses The Urinary Tract:

Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder is diuretic and it flushes away the toxins and cleanses the urinary tract. Drinking banana stem juice at least thrice a week can prevent urinary tract infections (UTI). Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder also helps in relieving pain and discomfort caused by  Urinary Tract Infection effectively.


  • Treats Diabetes:

Since Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder regulates the insulin level in the body, it is extremely beneficial in treating diabetes. Drinking the juice without straining it retains the fiber, which prevents the blood sugar level from shooting up.


  • Controls Acidity:

People with frequent acidity problems must drink Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder, as it provides relief from heart burns and irritability. Drinking this juice regularly helps regulate the acidity level in the body.


  • Burns Belly Fat:

Adding a few scrapes of ginger into the Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder can help burn the stubborn belly fat. It helps improve digestion and metabolism.Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder fills your stomach and keeps you satiated for a long time. Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder helps improve digestion and metabolism.Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder also improves metabolism, and contains very few calories – meaning that it can be consumed without guilt pangs.


  • Aids Bowel Movement:

The high fiber content in Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder helps cure constipation and makes bowel movement easy. It is especially given to children with constipation to ease the condition.Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder is also a great digestive, which aids bowel movement and contains good fibre for your gut.


  • Prevents Kidney Stones:

Mixing lime with the Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder is an effective method to combat renal stones. The potassium content in the Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder and the citric acid in the lime together prevent the formation of calcium crystals and act as a shield against kidney stones.Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder is good for passing or dissolving kidney stones.


  • Controls Weight:

Regular consumption of Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder helps control your weight. It also facilitates bowel movement and keeps the stomach healthy. Its fiber slows down the release of sugar and fats into the bloodstream and helps remove fat from the body.


  • Detoxifies Body:

As Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder has properties that can promote urine production, it helps flush out the toxins from the body. Mixing a dash or cardamom or lime along with the juice offers protection from kidney stones.


  • Healing acidity and gastric problems:

If you’ve got frequent problems with acidity,Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder helps in regulating the acidic levels in your body, and restoring balance. It provides relief from heartburn and discomfort and burning in the tummy.


How to use Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder :


For Kidney Stones:

You can take this Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder daily and there is no limit on the quantity too. So, have it whenever you feel a need of it and get rid of your obesity and kidney stones.


For General Use:

5 Grams of Banana Stem (Vazhaithandu) Powder can be mixed with water and then boil for few minutes.After water gets warm  filter and drink it.



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